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Windows and door exchange

New windows don not only offer much better thermal insulation the are also part of the house design and can be done out of different materials.

If you prefer more classical look or renovate the farmhouse you are probably looking at wooden windows in standard or retro look. Aluminium cladding from the outside will add a modern touch to your windows. If you are looking for a modern look than aluminium windows is the answer. And PVC windows, even if not liked by most of the architects, are the cheapest, the same time offering the best thermal insulation.

All windows can be offered in all different colors either the same time color on both sides or each side with different color.

You also have a choice of the glass, either double or triple glassing with different options concerning sound insulation and security. Triple glazing makes only sense for houses that will be also insulated, in most cases double glassing is enough, “over insulating” windows in an old house can create a condensation problems on internal walls, causing mold…

The entrance door should match the windows or could be a personal touch to your house. If offer some standard door, but you can also send us a picture of the door you like and we could create such a door. Some examples of such realisations can be seen here.

As all windows and doors are very individual the best is to visit our showroom, where we have displayed all different windows and door.