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Winter gardens

Winter gardens offer an extension of the house that enables to create a smooth transition from the house to the garden. It is the space that also gives a lot of light into the living or dining room.
Winter gardens can fulfill many different functions. They may be a terrace, which is used regardless the season, a daily dining place, a green house, conservatory or simply an extension of your living room.

Therefore water and thermal insulation are critical as the winter garden can easily be a fridge in wither and sauna in summer…
They do not only increase a living space but also owing to technologies, used by our company, it improve home energy economy.

Owning to application of high quality aluminium profiles winter gardens are resistant to deformations occurring as a result of of snow on the roof and strong wind blows.
As there are several product on the market, we have decided to work with German quality product and offer the proven technology of the TS-Aluminium system.