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Facade works

Most of the old houses need a new facade, the questions is often the scope of works…

You can:

  • leave it as it is “my neighbors also have old ones…”
  • paint it – it will refresh the color and looks nice, but the damages done to it previously will stay
  • put a new rendering – it will make the facade new, seal it against atmospheric changes and cover all the changes that were previously done
  • insulate it (8-20 cm), then put the new rendering, it will offer you the most comfort and savings in heating costs

All these options have different price tags (raising from the first to the last one), having one fixed one (scaffolding), therefore a careful evaluation is need what would be the best solution to your project.

Also different buildings need different materials, old, sandstone buildings should be differently treated than brick built. With the right advise, you can make right choice…