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Kitchens and Furniture

It is all about being one stop shop…

All our Clients doing entire house or apartment renovation need a new kitchen. And they expect that we can help them to find the kitchen they need, in terms of design, functionality of of course the correct price.

We work with some local providers of brand name kitchens but also provide kitchens from independent studios outside the country.

The benefit for our Customers in the first case is the fact that all required plumbing and electric connections are done according to the proven systems and they will receive a brand kitchen as seen at the local studio.

In the second case, the Customer gets a kitchen custom designed exactly to his/hers needs, with extra functionalists at the lover price then the local market.

The same applies to the furniture…We can together design you dream cupboard, bookshelves, table, dressing room, produce it and install it at your new home…we can also deliver you a design sofa…