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Outdoor terraces and walls

As a part of our full service offering we also create spaces outside your house. If you want to have a terrace, house entrance, some external walls, either supporting earth or decorative, we can do it as well.

Garden can be enhanced either by building a terrace or wall or both of them to create pleasant atmosphere or a place to play with the kids or to have a barbecue.

Terraces or house entrances can be made out of wood, natural stone (mainly granite), natural paving stones, concrete paving stones, ceramic slabs. Some companies also use ceramic tiles, but we strongly dis-advice it, as it looks nice at the beginning but after few years tiles will start to detach from the support and you have to do it again.

Our favorite material for terraces is IPE wood, laid on support feet. For entrance we would propose granite Nero Assoluto with flamed finish, posed on paving gravel with cement.

But of course there are different materials, most of them to be seen at our exposition, you can choose from.