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Sensis floors

We would like to present you here with the wide range of floors that should meet the needs of the most demanding persons. Most of the Sensis floors are oak, but there are also some ash and walnut.

Our climate is a real challenge for the floor. Natural wood’s moisture content will fluctuate depending on the weather outside. For this reason, it sometimes occurs that traditional wood floors swell, squeak or dry out causing splits. But not the Sensis floorboard! It is made not from one, but three layers of real wood arranged in a cross structure. The cross construction reduces natural tension and compression of wood, provides a perfect balance between the layers of the board, and thus guarantees the stability of the floor, even under changing weather conditions outside. Our floors offer the best resistance against wear and are also suitable for floor heating.

Unlike laminates, they are pleasantly warm to the touch, they do not electrify nor attract dust or mites. Therefore, they are a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. They provide perfect soundproofing, and thanks to their ability to absorb humidity they regulate micro-climate of the room. Also, our wooden floorboard can be sanded down and renovated with lacquer or wax many times.

Our floorboards do not require any additional preservative treatment due to its highest quality factory-finishing with oils or lacquers. The floor is ready for use immediately after installation.

Sensis floors come in different colours, some are oiled other varnished, some are brushed or sanded, they can gave bevels and of course they can be almost knots free, with the average knots or more rustic. Choose your colour from below and please come and visit our exposition, all the floors are displayed there, and where they should be, that means on the floor…Matching skirting boards types can be seen here, we could also match colours to the chosen floor.


Anthracite collection

207 mm wide board, oiled, beveled, brushed

Yellow collection

207 mm wide board, varnished, beveled, brushed

Red collection

180 mm wide board, oiled, beveled

Orange collection

180 mm wide board, oiled, beveled, brushed

Green collection

180 mm wide board, varnished

White collection

180 mm wide board, varnished, brushed

Violet collection

180 mm wide board, varnished, beveled, brushed