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Esco floors

We have partnered with ESCO to provide Customers with fully customisable and exclusive floor, but still at the affordable price! Even the most exclusive, solid and hand-made floor, the one that will amaze you will cost you a fraction of the price charged by other providers. All floors are waxed and come with 4 Emotions (Elegance, Superb, Classic and Original), 9 Styles and 3 Technologies (solid wood, 3-layer and 2+layer parquet). In order to get know this floor you have to visit our exposition and there you will understand why this floor is so special…

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Chateau – oak wooden floor – is the beginning to our exclusive range of ESCO solid and engineered flooring. The smooth treatment of the oak gives the oil a special effect. If you wish to twist Chateau to your needs and wishes please use our creative programme which allows you to design your own special floor.

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Bohemia is offering the most lively look in our program of rustic oak floors. The big knots and cracks are filled with a harmless ecological filler and sanded afterwards. The combination of our special rustic wood style and its classy smooth surface is available in many colour options. Or choose a colour and surface treatments out of our other product ranges and create your own floor finished with polyx hardwax oil.

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Kolonial range is slightly brushed and the knots are filled. The Kolonial products are special in their kind. Because of the brushing the structure of the wood takes the overhand and „plays“ with the colours. If you wish to twist Kolonial to your desired look, please use our creative programme which allows you to design your own special oak floor.

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Moravia has a “3 dimensional” cosmetic optics because of the combination of very rustic oak and the brushing treatment so that the knots and cracks are deeper in the board. The cracks and knots are filled with ecological filler and the total product gives your room a new dimension in combination with the creative programme and finished with polyx hardwax oil and OSMO topcoating.

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Esco has been producing this amazing aok floor, which represents the original old made floor, already more than 10 years. Pelgrim brings the atmosphere of a 100 years old floor. This floor looks alike as it has been all those years used and treated. With polyx hardwax oil and topcoating you only gain an old looking floor with up-to-date new generation of oils with a hight quality. Pelgrim offers beautiful colour varities because of the traditional smoking treatments in combination with wooden handcraft skills. There are if required many additional possibilities to customize your Pelgrim, please refer to our creative programme below, especially tumbling or rolling .

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Design manufactured boards in rough-sawn treatment, the cross-wise cuts are grooved in the surface with great care. In combination with the many styles and colours Harfa has many emotions. Like most Esco products also Harfa is finished with polyx hardwax oil and Topcoating so that the quality you expect and wish is guaranteed. Turn your Harfa to your special oak floor by referring to our creative programme.

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Karel IV

Karel IV represents the flagship within our full range of products, specially manually sorted oak is hand-old-made. Extreme look of this floor will bring you back in time to the Middle Ages and brings an atmosphere of 300 years ago and more. Explore and experience the floor which brings you back in time.

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Soft Tone

Something totally different… that is the Soft Tone Emotion!

„Soft” as a feather, produced specially for you to get into a relaxed mode. With the original Hardwax oil inclusive of Top-coating. Ready-to-install and easy to maintain.

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When we talk about – Specials – we talk about unique wooden-floor products.

One of them is herringbone in both standard production and French/Hungarian cut style.

The other one is solid oak pattern. We have on offer two standard types of cassetes, however we are also able to produce non-standard patterns as per your request. Moreover, on demand we are happy to offer engineered version of your beloved pattern too.

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