Design manufactured boards in rough-sawn style

Design manufactured boards in rough-sawn treatment, the cross-wise cuts are grooved in the surface with great care. In combination with the many styles and colours Harfa has many emotions. Like most Esco products also Harfa is finished with polyx hardwax oil and Topcoating so that the quality you expect and wish is guaranteed. Turn your Harfa to your special oak floor by referring to our creative programme.

Harfa, amazing rough-sawn flooring boards like you never experienced it!

Engineered Type Thickness Toplayer Width Length
T&G 3 layer 15 4 – oak 175-190 Fix length from 1800 – 2400
T&G 2 layer 15 4 – oak 155/175/190 Random length 1200-2400

(All in mm, standard 2-side micro bevel, T&G = Tongue and Groove)

Create your own ‘hype’ by applying some extras and have your personalised signature on your floor:

Creative programme:

  • Bevel on the head (4-side)
  • Handscrapped bevel
  • Oxidativ oiled – no topcoating
  • Extra Smoking

You can choose your desired wood style from Elegance, Superb, Classic, Original and also 2 different qualities, as seen below: